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Teamster taking the scenic route visits Lakeview

Teamster taking the scenic route visits Lakeview

A team of mules and a pair of covered wagons bearing Bible verses recently visited Lakeview.  The teamster, Randy Boehmer, has been on the road for more than five and a half years with a team of mules and a pair of covered wagons.

Boehmer is originally from Arizona, but started his journey in Bedford, Ind. on April 1, 2008.  His five mules are Belgian draft mules, named Frank, Jesse, Dick, Jack and Butch.  He also travels with his border collie, Shep, for company.

“I’m out here to win souls to God and live a slower-paced life,” Boehmer said. “But not necessarily in that order.”  Having been through a number of states around America, 24 by his count, he’s heard many of the same questions in the places he stops.

People usually ask about the mules’ names, the wagons and whether or not he preaches as he travels.  Boehmer’s reply is, “The signs say it all.”  The signs on the sides of his wagons hold Bible verses that reflect his Christian faith, outlining a simple message of salvation through belief in Jesus Christ.

“I’m headed west for right now,” Boehmer told a local who asked where he was headed. “Somewhere where it’s warmer for winter.”  He does have a propane stove for cooking while he’s on the move, as well as a pair of solar panels that provide him with electricity.

It took six months to turn two old farm wagons into covered wagons, the front one serving as his living quarters, pulling a wagon carrying feed behind it.  The electricity Boehmer gets from the solar panels allows him to run LED lights for visibility, fans in the summer, a radio, a television, laptop and to keep a charge in his cell phone.

“I do have running water,” noted Boehmer jokingly, “If I run out to the water barrel with a bucket and get it.”  To the people who wonder how he makes a living, he says only that he’s not retired, and the good Lord provides, pointing out that his mules are too fat, and he himself isn’t starving.

Boehmer explained that he was lead to a life of traveling after his father’s and wife’s deaths.  Boehmer and his brother cleaned their dad’s garage, and found little of value among the things left behind.

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  1. Nicole  October 20, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    What a wonderful testimony of a fellow believer’s faithfulness to our Lord Jesus Christ!


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