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The Puppet Master and his Puppets

We find it hard to believe that four or five people can make such a ruckus over previous investigations that not only cleared Chuck Pore of any wrongdoing, but cited the County for making up evidence. These are facts!

We have known Chuck Pore for many years. In fact Chuck and his wife are very good friends of ours. With all the community services we have been involved in through the years, does anybody really think that we would be friends with someone of the caliber that these people are describing to the public?!

We find Chuck to be a very well trained and experienced officer, and a  meticulous investigator. Chuck is a patriot for all military, police, fire and ambulance personnel; Nationwide. His patriotism is obvious by his ‘personal’ 9/11 displays on the courthouse lawn annually, that he designs and constructs.

Our personal opinion is that if we follow Gonzales’ footsteps they will lead us to the puppet master himself— Ulys Stapleton. It is no secret that Ulys made it  his campaign promise to get Chuck fired. What better way than to send his puppets out to discredit and smear a good man and not have to be in the limelight until the deed is done. Pulling commissioners and the sheriff into this is just another angle to accomplish Stapleton’s agenda. We vote NO on this recall!

We do need to recall Stapleton instead! Then we would sweep away the disgrace that Stapleton has brought to the courthouse, and he can take his puppets with him.

 Roland and Mona Glade


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