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The Recall

By the time you read this I will have filed all the necessary paperwork to start the recall process of the following elected county officials: Brad Winters, Dan Shoun, Lake County Commissioners; and Phil McDonald, County Sheriff. When I and other volunteers have collected the required number of valid signatures, a Recall Election can proceed.

The chief petitioner doesn’t need specific reasons to file the paperwork. Those of us working towards the Recall have at hand many documents, have gone to many meetings, asked questions and presented concerns. Our questions generated defensiveness and hostility towards us – from the Commissioners, the Sheriff and their supporters. If our questions create divisiveness in the minds of some, so be it.

We have questioned open-ended spending of funds, possible lost documents, failure to respond to complaints, employee misconduct, disrespect towards the public and disrespect towards other public officials.

The Recallers are establishing a bottom line which invites accountability, opinions, concerns, compassion and, in turn, generates cohesiveness.

Orlando Gonzales

Chief petitioner


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