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To Be Clear

The reason I support a recall of Sheriff McDonald is to bring attention to the fact that he is not doing his job in accordance with professional standards and practices. As chief administrator of his department, he has a responsibility to ensure compliance to legal and ethical norms. This is not a personal attack. Everyone says Phil McDonald is a nice guy. I believe them.

As for the County Commissioners, I’m not sure how much responsibility they should bear for the performance of the Sheriff’s Department. Having met them, I can say that they also seem to be pretty nice guys. However, the medical marijuana moratorium, approved by Winters and Shoun, in spite of being informed by Town Councilor Mike Warren that its support was non-governmental (lobbyist), is the kind of gutless posterior protection that seems to prevail.

The assertion that the cords on the visiting room telephones in the jail are short to prevent hangings, is ludicrous. The only jail-related hanging I am aware of was done by an unfortunate young lady after she was released. This mentally ill person was kept in the Lake County jail for an extended period of time, despite the (alleged) recommendation of the consulting psychologist, Dr. Stephen Tibbits, that she be placed in an institution that was equipped to help her.

If you wish to use analogies, such as, “team” or “family”, then include the entire county, not just the folks you like. I chose to invest in Lake County, as did family and friends, so inviting me to leave town is bogus.

To be clear, I am not saying that everyone in law enforcement or local government is corrupt. As far as Orlando Gonzales being a puppet of Ulys Stapleton – ridiculous! He was politically active before Stapleton came on the scene, and Deputy Pore was well known for his bad behavior far prior to Stapleton’s candidacy.

Bill Chastain


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  1. Pam Miller  May 5, 2014 at 8:37 pm

    As an outsider looking in with close ties to Lakeview, I would like to offer a different perspective. I have followed the recall agenda closely, with no biased or political ties. I can honestly say this whole thing has gotten way out of control. Accusations flay and dirt is being thrown.

    Mr. Chastain, do you think that possibly there has been no hangings at the jail because the cords are so short as a preventive measure? Makes sense to me. It is common practice in all correctional facilities, not just Lakeview. People do not end up in jail correctional facilities because they are citizens of merit. They go to jail because they broke the law and possibly be found guilty by a jury of their peers. The law is a pretty complex subject and is not always written in black and white which leaves room for interpretation. I am confident that if those who uphold the law are the ones breaking the very laws they are sworn to uphold, justice will prevail. I do not support a recall. It is a waste of taxpayer money. Financial resources are already in short supply. Sheriff McDonald and the commissioners have proven to have done right by Lakeview. Deputy Pore has never been convicted of a crime. How many persons behind the recall effort can say the same? Arrest records are public record. Lets take a look at how many signatures on the recall petition have a clean record. I may not be able to vote in Lakeview, not yet at least, but would I put my loved ones safety and my own in their hands. Absolutely. Would I trust any one of the commissioners with the same… you bet. Now, would I trust those behind the recall. Not in a million years. Lakeview is my second home and I would not second guess any of the commissioners, the sheriff or Deputy Pore. These gentlemen are great at their job and are entitled to perform their jobs without the minority of those proving to be a nuisance.


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