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To Serve and Protect, Not Anymore

Growing up in Lake County, I was taught that law enforcement officers, (city, county and state) are all sworn into duty, as I was sworn into the Marine Corps. and with being sworn in, you give an oath, “To Serve and Protect.” (at least I thought you’re suppose to).

My parents, teachers and elders, always told me whenever I needed help, anytime I was lost or needed someone I could trust that I could ALWAYS go to a police officer. I have since been teaching my children not to say anything to any law enforcement officers, except to say “I can not answer any questions for you until my parents are present.”

It saddens me because instead of believing that law enforcement officers are truthful, honest and trustworthy, we all (I) think that they are dishonest, to the oath they supposedly took. They take the words you speak and write them down in their reports in false context.

When you are testifying, under oath, trying to remember what happened and exactly what you said to the officers, the District Attorney asks, “Did you say this?” Regardless of how you meant it or the duress you were under when you said it, the bottom line is you said it, regardless of the context before and after you said it. That’s all that matters! They twist and turn your statements, add and omit key words and interpret it however best fits their needs.

The elected District Attorney must back and obviously supports these actions because after the officers manipulate and misrepresent your words, the District Attorney adds his own kinks and bends then presents them to the Honorable Judge and possibly a jury of your peers.

I think the oaths given to Lake County Law enforcement, should be changed to “To Lie and Manipulate, To Harass and Intimidate.” At least with my experiences involving the Lake County law, I feel this oath would be more fitting.

Please don’t think I feel this way about all Law officers, because there are three officers within Lake County that I have the utmost respect for and feel they are how all Law officers should be. I think everyone knows which officers I’m referring to.

Chris Holloway


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