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Town applies for grant to fix road

The Town of Lakeview has determined that part of South M street is in dire need of repair, between South 9th street and Kadramas Lane, an approximate mile long radius.

This section of M street was originally worked on in the early 1990’s. It stretches across part of the Lake County Industrial Park and currently serves the Redi-Mix and Dog Lake Construction businesses, the latter of which is a major construction presence in Lakeview. Roads have a typical lifespan, on average, of 20 years, so maintenance is overdue.

Lakeview will present a grant proposal asking for $50,000 from the Oregon Department of Transportation. Two specific locations require immediate aid, where the base of the street is falling, existing manholes need to be raised, and chip seal the length of that portion of the street.

ODOT has a program for smaller cities of less than 5,000 people that’s funded through the state gas tax. The grant itself is designed for road improvement projects in smaller communities.

The Town has applied for this grant multiple times in the past, said Town Mgr. Ray Simms, who indicated that they have earned the grant an average of every other year. The last renovation was done on 2nd Street.

Simms estimates that the project will cost around $86,000, and if the Town is successful in applying for the grant, it will cover $50,000 of the cost. The Town still has $15,000 left over from the Ruby pipeline project, about $10,000 from the Sewer Department that will cover the raising of the manholes, and are left with a budget need of around $11,000.

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