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Town approaches county for pool funds

Town of Lakeview Mgr. Ray Simms recently approached the Lake County Board of Commissioners with a request for funding for the town’s swimming pool restoration project.

Simms approached the county during their Tuesday, March 26, works session with a request for an undisclosed specific dollar amount.

He told the commissioners that the project’s total cost was $375,000, and fundraising efforts at present are set on a goal of $90,000 for match fund requirements for other grant funding opportunities.

Organizations that have committed funding to the project include the Lakeview Rotary, Lakeview Lions, Collins-McDonald, the Lake County Community Foundation, the local ‘Save Our Pool’ fund and the Town of Lakeview.

Simms also noted that the Town is scheduled to put in a funding request to the Soroptimists of Lakeview organization this month.

“If we raise more than $95,000, it just enhances the (grant) application,” he said, referring to a local government grant the town is pursuing through the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.  “We’ve had great support for this project so far.  We would like the county’s support on this project.”

Simms said that the Town would likely commit $10,000 to $15,000 to the project during their budget preparation for the 2013/14 fiscal year.

Commissioner Dan Shoun asked what is deemed a ‘substantial’ amount for donation, reading from Simms’ written correspondence that contained the request.

Simms said the figure varies depending on the contributor, but noted $5,000 would be a helpful sum for the project.

He also noted that the Town is only seeking a commitment to funds at this time.

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