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Town approves ATV ordinance, street closure

Lakeview Town Council held a relatively short but productive regular session meeting on Tuesday, June 10, finally approving the long-debated ATV Ordinance and permitting street closures for Daly Days Health Fair and the Occupy E Street celebration.

There was no public comment to open the hearing in response to approval of the 2014-15 budget.

Department heads delivered monthly reports for police, fire, public works, and town management. Town Mgr. Ray Simms announced that the big flag overlooking Lakeview can’t be lowered at the moment due to technical issues, but in the next few days a specialist will arrive to retrieve the flag and make necessary repairs to the pole.

Mayor Patrick commended everyone involved in the pool re-dedication on Sunday, June 8, reporting it to be an overwhelming success both in fundraising for fireworks and the swim team and enjoyment. It has been suggested to possibly organize an annual start of summer event based on the success of the pool celebration.

A road closure for Saturday, June 21 during Daly Days Health Fair was approved unanimously. By 7 a.m. cones will mark off the area between J Street and south 7th street near the hospital to allow for setup of booths during the health event.

Resolution 863, covering exact dollar amounts for USDA loans intended for the geothermal project, was approved. This finalizes transfer of funds among the revenue bond and financing arrangements with US Bank, allowing the issuance of and sale of the Town of Lakeview revenue bond, not to exceed $2.665 million. Between grants, fund transfers and the remainder in the construction account to be applied to the loan, the final loan value will be roughly 2.5 million.

Town Council appeared quite relieved to unanimously approve Ordinance 849, which finds a resolution to the long-standing issue of allowing operation of ATVs through Lakeview for the purpose of being able to cross the highway. After much debate an approved route has been established, with revised wording per the town attorney to clarify penalties for violation of specific rules, with the new ordinance taking effect 30 days from approval (July 10).

Legislative priorities submitted by the League of Oregon Cities were presented, with the suggestion from Mayor Patrick that each council member study each legislative concept and formulate a priority list, to be later debated at the Tuesday, July 8 meeting.

Final business before adjournment was approval of a street closure request for Saturday, Aug. 16, for the annual Occupy E Street celebration.

Started three years ago as a street fair with proceeds donated to charity, the popular event will include a barbeque, music, raffles, and sales from various stores along E street.

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