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Town approves bids for geothermal project

Wheels of progress are finally beginning to turn on the Town of Lakeview’s long-in-development geothermal project.

The Town approved bids pertaining to the project during a special meeting of the Lakeview Town Council on the afternoon of Thursday, March 21.

All motions met unanimous approval. Councilor Sharon Faulkner was not present for the meeting.

The Town approved a bid in the amount of $1,534,779 from Grimes Construction of Klamath Falls for piping installation related to the project. The town also approved a bid in the amount of $845,486 from Thermacor of Fort Worth, Texas, for a pipe material contract.

A bid from Western Water Development of Redmond in the amount of $388,950 was approved for the well-drilling component of the project.

The council’s approval of the bids was contingent upon concurrence from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the agency that is financing the project. Town Mgr. Ray Simms and Town Engineer Darryl Anderson had a meeting on Friday, March 22, to discuss the bidding process.

Simms said the only issue to arise in the bidding process is the low bidder did not use the USDA-mandated form for the bid bond, a minor technicality that is being addressed.

The council also approved Anderson Engineering & Surveying, Inc., as the resident inspector for the installation. Simms said that this was a requirement by the USDA as the project progresses.

The next major step will be a pre-construction meeting for all involved contractors, which will likely be held toward the end of April, Simms said. Discussion of such project issues as archaeological resources will be discussed at that time, and prior to construction training on this subject will be provided by the state’s historical preservation office, Simms said.

The Town wants to get a contract in place for pipe material quickly so that the manufacturing process can commence quickly.

A memorandum of understanding is still in development between area tribes and the USDA regarding archaeological resources, Simms said.

“That has not been completed, yet,” he said.

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