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Town approves interest in air quality program

As the air quality issues continue to rise around Lakeview, an possible option was placed before the Town Council at their most recent meeting.

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, Town Mgr. Ray Simms presented to the council a program created by the EPA called the EPA Advance Program. Meant for communities that were in danger of being labeled in non-attainment due to their high counts of particulate matter 2.5 ratings, but not yet earning the title, Simms thought it fit the area’s problem well.

Failing to meet the EPA’s standard would result in significantly tighter restrictions on air quality, which could most probably hamper any incoming industry or current ones wishing to expand.

“If we are approved, they can identify things to make improvements on our air quality and things we can do to stay out of non-attainment,” he said. “And it may buy us some time.”

What he placed before the counsel was a letter of interest in the program to the EPA. It was signed by Commissioner Ken Kestner on behalf of the Lake County Board and Simms hoped that they could also see the potential benefit.

“There is nothing to lose, and possibly something to gain,” he told them.

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