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Town awarded grant for M street repairs

A Special City Allotment grant applied for by the Town of Lakeview in July has been awarded to the Town for road repairs.  The Town Council received a letter of notification, which was in the agenda of their meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 26.

The grant, in the amount of $50,000, will be applied to fixing a stretch of South M Street between 9th Street and Kadrmas Lane, around a mile long.

The particular stretch of M Street was last worked on in the early 1990s, and stretches across part of the Lake County Industrial Park.

Repair costs were estimated at around $86,000 by Town Mgr. Ray Simms, which covers needed raising of manholes in two locations as well as chip sealing along the length of the particular stretch of road.

The ODOT Special City Allotment awards $1 million in grant funds to cities around the state of Oregon, funded by the Oregon Gas Tax.  Grant money is awarded for streets that are not part of the State Highway System which are deemed inadequate for their capacity or are in a condition detrimental to safety, according to the ODOT website.

Applications for the grant are evaluated based on traffic volume, a city’s population growth, existing surface condition of a street and the length of time since an SCA grant was last awarded to the city.

Simms commented that Lakeview receives the grant an average of one every two years.  The last grant was used for renovations on 2nd Street.

When the grant was applied for, plans were made to use other funds from the Ruby Pipeline project and Sewer Department that total around $25,000.  This leaves around $11,000 left for the Town to raise for the project.

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