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Town Council meets to discuss pool funding

The most recent Lakeview Town Council meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 27 gave Council members the chance to talk over the latest news on the pool restoration project.  Though the schedule for the meeting followed the usual outline for such events – a call to order, public commentary, reports, etc., the bulk of the meeting was taken up by business related to the town pool.

Frank Vaughn, there as a citizen of Lakeview, took the opportunity during the public comment segment of the meeting to bring up some issues around the town.  In particular, he noted the continued failure of Trees, Inc. to clean up their cuttings on the grounds of the Episcopal Church.  Neighbors of the Church, the Corning family, were forced at one point to clear the alleyway between the two properties themselves in order to drive behind their house.

Once a brief discussion of tree-trimming issue concluded, Darryl Anderson of Anderson Engineering was asked to give a further update on construction of the Town’s new geothermal system.

Anderson says the work is going pretty well, with pipe laid almost to the end of South M Street as of the date of the meeting.  Bores through the highway where the pipe will pass are being worked on, and the re-injection well is complete.  The production well has been drilled to a depth past what was planned at 900 feet, but will not be taken down any farther.

A test pump will be run sometime before Saturday, Sept. 7 on the production well to test the water.

The project was able to save around $60,000 on asphalt from what was originally budgeted, with all re-paving around the schools and hospital completed.

Pool usage was reported to be up this year from 2012’s summer season, with 2,010 swimmers this past July, compared to 1,642 from July of 2012.

The subject of discussion then turned to Mayor Mike Patrick’s recent fundraising efforts for the pool rehabilitation project.  At the meeting, Patrick said he had collected $16,310.34.

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