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Town Council undecided on moratorium, approve excessive force policy

With the medicinal marijuana moratorium tabled at the last Lakeview Town Council meeting until a response from an official government agency clarifying how best to regulate was received, the controversial topic once again highlighted the regular session at town hall held on Tuesday, April 22.

Several public comments were made from the large group in attendance both in favor and against the moratorium, which has a deadline of May 1 before rights to local jurisdiction over regulation is forfeited if a vote is not completed.

As with past meetings, Council Member Mike Warren was the most outspoken against implementing a moratorium, citing that it is important to defer to state law as statute and unethical to impose a temporary ban on one specific type of business.

Lakeview Town Legal Counsel John Bogardus was present at the meeting, urging from a legal stance the importance of passing the moratorium prior to the deadline, while Warren argued that it could open the city up to potential lawsuits.

Despite an official response from a governmental agency not being received, the tabled ordinance was unanimously agreed to be revisited, however a vote to approve the ordinance by title only was not approved unanimously, Warren being the dissenting vote. This meant that Ordinance 848 had to be read in its entirety, and will again be read in its entirety before a formal vote is taken at the next Town Council meeting. A work session was planned for Tuesday, April 29 at 3:30 p.m. to read the ordinance in full prior to a vote.

Kelly McGarva spoke to the council about the planned July 4 fireworks display, reminding members that Western Fireworks has a reservation deadline of May 9. Approximate costs for the event run around $3,000, which traditionally has been split between the county, Town, Chamber of Commerce and fundraisers. Town Mgr. Ray Simms assured the council that he was on top of the matter.

Local residents Nelson Jarrett and Frank Vaughn both spoke of the problem of dogs being on the loose, Vaughn having recently had one of his cats killed by a dog that had escaped a yard. The issue of dogs roaming free around town is an ongoing problem, with the potential of bodily harm resulting from dogs not confined per city regulations. Mayor Mike Patrick suggested the issue be formally brought before the council at a later date.

One Response to "Town Council undecided on moratorium, approve excessive force policy"

  1. Dan Collins  May 3, 2014 at 4:37 pm

    It’s time city leaders treated this like a regular business instead of a dirty book store. All across the state, these moratoriums have popped up. To what end?

    We legalized medical marijuana how many years ago now? I see this as a way of people in power passing the buck so they don’t have to deal with it.

    Those who don’t want to deal with it should be voted out next election cycle.



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