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Town Hall clarifies ATV ordinance, address dispensary moratorium

A work session and regular session of Lakeview Town Council were held on Tuesday, May 27, addressing the medicinal marijuana dispensary moratorium, the ATV ordinance regarding OHV’s crossing highways, and the Head Start program.

A 45-minute work session debating how to regulate dispensaries was the first of several meetings to attempt to come to consensus on how to best regulate the time, manner and place of operation for dispensaries before the moratorium is lifted. Mayor Mike Patrick and council members discussed early options, such as hours of operation and appropriate zoning areas while receiving legal counsel from town attorney John Bogardus. Council member Mike Warren remained defiant in his stance that it is not justified for the council to act as morality police establishing specific rules such as when a private business should be open when that is not done for other businesses, and after discussion it was decided to table the debate for another work session scheduled for June 24 after council members have an opportunity to collect more information and consider regulation parameters.

During the regular session Mayor Patrick explained the plans surrounding the rededication of the community pool, with a free swim planned for Sunday, June 8 from noon to 4 p.m. All swimmers during the grand re-opening were entered into drawings to win prizes such as swimwear, water toys, towels, and more. Food and refreshments was available, and the swim team was on site providing a barbecue fundraiser.

Ordinance 849, regarding the restriction of ATV’s crossing highways, appeared closer to a final resolution after months of debate. Routes have been proposed allowing ATV riders to take alleyways and specific streets to move through town within regulation, but it was decided that additional wording was required to clarify the ordinance. The ordinance will be on the agenda for final approval at the next regular session council meeting after some revisions are completed.

Also in discussion was the Intergovernmental Agreement for Community Development Block Grants (IGA-CDBG) for the Head Start program. With construction planned for a new Head Start facility in Lakeview, final approval of the IGA is one of the last hurdles to establishing an improved early childhood development center in Lakeview. While it has been approved by state representatives, the matter was tabled per Mayor Patrick request until final approval is given by legal counsel.

The next Town Council meeting is scheduled for June 10.

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