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Town investigates car thefts

Lakeview Town Police are currently investigating the recent rash of car thefts that have hit the Town of Lakeview over the past couple of months. Since late May, three cars have been reported stolen.

Patrol Officer Travis Grindel recorded the initial stolen vehicle report for the first vehicle, a 2010 Kia Optima, on the morning of Friday, May 24. The vehicle was found abandoned by the Modoc County Sheriffs Department in New Pine Creek a short time later. The interior had been stripped, the dash destroyed, door panels were missing, windows were broken, the gas cap and battery were gone, the driver’s door was close to coming unhinged, it had dents and scratches all over, and one of the wheels was bent, according to Town Police Chief Jeff Kamp.

The Kia Optima belongs to Justine Hanks.

Chief Kamp worked the second auto theft, which was reported on Thursday, June 20. Sherie Davis filed the report, and attorney Dave  Vandenberg is the conservator of the registration of the vehicle, a 2010 Subaru Legacy.

The vehicle was recovered in Modoc County just south of Lakeview in New Pine Creek in national forest land.

The right passenger mirror was gone, there was slight damage done to the rear quarter panel, but the vehicle was described as being “in pretty good shape.”

Vehicles are not normally found in the condition of the second vehicle after being stolen, according to Chief Kamp, but more like the first vehicle.

“(The auto thefts) are still under investigation,” Chief Kamp said. “We are actively working the leads.”

The second case was more than just auto theft, as it was also a home invasion and burglary.

Stolen from the garage was a case of motor oil, a Bell & Howell Filmsound 179 Film Projector, glass candleholders, silverware, and a banana seat bicycle. Stolen from the house was a silverware set in a teal-colored display box, new desktop computer in a box with the monitor and the printer, wood box with silverware flatware, Kodak Brownie box camera, Kodak Brownie two bellow style camera, three cigar boxes, ten skeleton keys, whittling tool, tools, c-clamps, sottering irons, antique drafting-drawing set in a leather pouch, new pillows in their packaging, new sheet sets in packaging, silver wedding goblets in a blue velvet box, both a pocket and a wrist watch, a set of dishes in a box, five decorative tea pots, an antique harp, a foot stool, three tarps in original packaging, six pocket knives, and antique toys.

The third vehicle theft was Thursday, July 11, when Town Police took a report of a motor vehicle theft from the 800 block of N Street. The vehicle was recovered at approximately 5 p.m. and Danny Larsh was arrested for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and driving while suspended felony.

The Town Police are looking into a possible relation between the three vehicular thefts, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Town Police would like to caution citizens to keep their vehicles locked and their property secure. Anyone with information on the stolen items is encouraged to contact the Town Police.

In addition, the Town would like to remind Lakeview residents that they have vacation watch forms at the dispatch office that people can fill out when they plan to leave their property unoccupied.

For more information, contact Town Police at 541-947-2504.

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