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Town Police purchases new patrol vehicle for fleet

Town Police purchases new patrol vehicle for fleet

Chief Jeff Kamp and the rest of the Lakeview Town Police finally added a new truck to their patrol unit.

Kamp had to petition hard to get the vehicle, trying for 6 weeks to get his ducks in a row before closing the deal.

It took backing from the Town and Town Mgr. Ray Simms for a deal to be reached. The white 2008 Ford Expedition was an interagency purchase that cost the Town a paltry $7,000.

With only 117,000 miles on the odometer of the former Klamath Falls Forest Service patrol vehicle, the truck surely came at a bargain.

The Expedition stands as the newest addition in a line of otherwise dated automobiles. The current five patrol trucks include two 1999 Chevy Tahoes, a 1996 Chevy Suburban and two 2001 Chevy Tahoes

In addition, the department also has a backup 1998 Crown Victoria, and a dormant 1992 Honda Civic that used to serve as the School Resources vehicle.

None of those vehicles are under a decade old, so it’s impressive that they have lasted this long.

Kamp heads a frugal outfit that does its best to keep its vehicles running in tip-top shape. That proves difficult at times as patrol vehicles are constantly driving.

They do their best, however, and have a great mechanic that they share with the Fire Department. Kamp’s vehicle, the 1996 Chevy Suburban, has a mere 66,000 miles on it.  The other online vehicles aren’t that lucky, as their odometer average is somewhere in the 140,000 mile range. The Expedition has yet to officially join the ranks of Lakeview’s finest.

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