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Town water line replacement underway

Construction has officially started on the water line replacement project that the Town approved at a Town Council meeting in early May.

The project is routine, designed to maintain the functionality and viability of the water line pipes that run through the Town of Lakeview.

The Town put out an advertisement specifying the details of the project and asking for both local and non-local contractors to bid on the project.

There were five bidders considered, and the project was awarded to A.P. Ankto Construction out of Pilot Butte, who was the lowest bidder by around $15,000, according to Town Mgr. Ray Simms.

The project is reportedly costing just under $300,000.

The one local bidder came in third in the process.

“About every other year, we take on a capital improvement project in the water and sewer departments to replace old water lines,” said Simms. “One year it’s the water lines, the next year it’s sewer lines.”

The construction alternates in an effort to keep the waterlines current and clean. The Town identifies areas that have significant leaks where replacement and renovation are needed, and those areas get the proper attention by the construction crews. Their locations are scattered throughout the Town, with some on South 4th Street, South 3rd Street, and Mountain View.

“They’re mostly a block long,” Simms said. “They are the oldest ones causing the most maintenance issues and (they’re) being updated with new pipe.”

According to Simms, the Town’s water system comes from two sources: springs about 6 miles east of Lakeview, and a well field west of Town, behind the County Road Department.

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