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Union School, unique alternative opportunity

Union School on the Westside isn’t just for kids beyond Lakeview’s town borders, and the educational aspects available provide a unique opportunity for students.

Union School is opening its doors for the fall term, welcoming transfers to increase enrollment for parents who wish their kids to be presented with an alternative choice. In past years enrollment has been as high as 60 students with three teachers.

Built in 1919, Union features two classrooms covering first through sixth grade, and an all-day kindergarten program. The smaller enrollment translates to smaller class sizes and multi-grade peer groups, enhancing social acclimatization for kids of different ages and allowing more direct interaction with teachers.

“If parents are okay with multi-grade classrooms, the result is a very tight-knit bunch of kids of different ages all working together,” said Susan Warner, one of the two teachers at Union School. “It’s a different social atmosphere afforded to students beyond their own grade.”

Lake County School District #7 has no region boundaries for schools, meaning parents are not dictated to which school their child must attend. Getting outside the Lakeview town limits presents certain advantages for kids, with teachers and the Union School Parents Club taking a very active role in the school’s operation.

The parents club organizes an annual Spring Carnival and sponsor the AR store, clubs, organize social events like picnics and various holiday events, coordinate field trips and provide a stipend to classrooms. Recent examples include an outdoor school, where students worked with the forest service studying plots of unmanaged timber, a survival skills camp, a pet day, and sledding is prevalent during the winter.

“Our parents club is a huge part of our success out here, they are very involved and supportive,” added Warner.

Also important is the atmosphere, the Westside rural community providing a calm country setting. For children raised within Lakeview city limits, Union is the rare opportunity for kids to ride the bus to school every day, further adding to the social advantages of interacting with kids of different ages.

Smaller class sizes, multi-grade classroom settings, different social opportunities, calmer country lifestyle and all-day kindergarten; Union School is capable of providing this and more for children throughout LCSD#7.

For more information on Union School or if interested in possibly moving schools, please contact Susan Warner at 541-417-1241 or Will Cahill at 541-417-1341.

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