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Vacancy on Lake County Planning Commission board

Lake County’s Planning Commission is seeking a volunteer to fill a vacancy on its board.

This position would require the volunteer to participate in public hearings related to land-use proposals on private property located outside the town/city limits of Lakeview, Christmas Valley and Paisley that are required to be reviewed with local and applicable state land-use regulations.

Other criteria for these considerations include compatibility with surrounding properties and land uses and suitability based on the property’s size, location and physical constraints.

The volunteer position is appointed by the Lake County Board of Commissioners for a term of four years, with meetings held on the third Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m.

Interested patrons should respond by Oct. 15.

For more information, stop by the Lake County Planning/Building Department and pick up an application, or call 541-947-6036.  Applications are also available online at www.lakecountyor.org.

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