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Variety galore at Gifts-n-More

Variety galore at Gifts-n-More

Nestled off the Christmas Valley Hwy is a business where coziness comes second only to variety.

Known as Gifts-n-More, Ilene Anderson established the business in the summer of 2013 at the site familiar to North Lake locals as the original ‘Feed Barn’ eatery.

Taking a stroll inside, however, reveals quite a transformation into new life as a storefront containing something for just about everyone. Floor space is dominated by shelves containing miscellany galore.

“I was interested in staying busy,” said Anderson.  “It’s really been fun.  We started out with just tables and then found some glass shelves… which doubled my floor space.”

A priority in establishing the business was developing one more option for locals that could save them a trip to La Pine or Bend for their shopping, Anderson said.

The east wall is dominated by Christian-themed books and movies, while the northwestern corner features items likely to be of interest for menfolk.  Crafters can take comfort in the availability of fabrics and yarn for crocheting and knitting.

Novelty home décor items include whimsical signage featuring happy-go-lucky messages, while a cooler contains fresh flowers.  Greeting cards and such familiar grab-on-the-go items like coffee mugs are easily found within the vast inventory of the shop’s interior.

Fresh honey from the newly-established Oregon Outback Honey Company is also available in large and small jars.

Anderson said that the local feedback has been largely positive since opening last June.

“It’s something for everyone,” she said.  “Almost every day I have new people come in, and they’re really surprised with what I have in.”

The front cabinet where customers check out features an abundant supply of varied knives and utility tools, including such familiar brands as Gerber and Leatherman.

A local artisan, Julie Threet, has some of her unique Raku pottery creations available at the store, as well.

Other items range from health supplements to toys for the kiddies.

Business hours for Gifts-n-More, 87146 Christmas Valley Hwy, are Tuesday, through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, call 541-576-3600.

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