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Vote Yes for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Part II

CNN has aired two investigative documentaries by its chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, on medical marijuana.  If you have not seen them, you should.  Even children can be helped with various conditions, including seizures.  The marijuana is grown to be devoid of its “high” qualities and given to the children as any other medication would be.

What about the cancer patient who was born and raised here?  This patient used medical marijuana for migraine headaches, which helped with the pain, until the police raided our home.  Although she had a medical marijuana card and was completely legal, she was so afraid that the police would come and arrest her, she stopped using the marijuana.  Then the cancer that she had fought previously came back.  She hopes to survive until June and is suffering greatly at this time.  Although she could be using marijuana for the pain and nausea, her card has now expired and it is too difficult for her to travel to see a doctor who would prescribe marijuana.  Most doctors here are afraid to prescribe it, but they will prescribe endless legal pain medications, which are far worse in side effects than marijuana ever could be.

I also do not believe that people should make money at the expense of medical marijuana patients, just enough to take care of their expenses; e.g., rent for dispensary space, utilities, taxes, growing media.

After expenses, profits should be returned to the community in the form of charitable contributions or by purchasing and repairing downtown or other buildings.  Just ask the folks at Goodwill Industries (those who help the mentally challenged in town), the Outback Humane Society, the Lake County Hospice, and the Lake County Library. They had no problem taking money from medical marijuana sales.  Many times, “sales” were not even made.  People could not afford it, so they were provided with it free of charge.  Why allow some large organization to remove money from Lakeview?

Please vote in favor of medical marijuana dispensaries.  Thank you.

 Joyce A. Augustine


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