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Walden — The REAL Career Politician

Recently the Walden campaign sent out a direct mail piece that claims Greg Walden is the REAL conservative in the congressional race against Dennis Linthicum. Walden’s claims are based on his votes to cut spending, his support for a balanced budget amendment and his effort to provide disaster assistance to farmers and ranchers. This supposedly makes Walden the REAL conservative.

There’s only one problem. Walden is only telling part of the story. As voters we deserve the full story, not just the part that may make someone look good.

There are four independent, conservative watchdog groups that track and rate every important congressional vote. Freedom Works, Club for Growth, Madison Project and Heritage Action combine to give Walden a failing grade for his votes in Congress. Walden only sounds conservative when he talks to us, sends us slick direct mail pieces and then needs our votes. But the record is clear, not based on my opinion but by the experts who watch every congressional vote cast in D.C., as a conservative legislator Greg Walden receives an “F” grade.

So what does this mean? According to his full voting record Greg Walden is not the REAL conservative in this race. Instead, Walden is the the REAL career politician. And as we all know, career politicians will say whatever they need to in order to win elections, especially those with 30 years in politics like Walden.

Don’t be fooled by slick direct mail pieces and marketing gimmicks that tell only part of the story. Do the right thing. Vote Dennis Linthicum — the man of principle; the REAL constitutional conservative.

E. Werner Reschke

Klamath Falls

2nd Congressional District

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