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Walk with Ease: striding toward good health

A morning program conducted over six weeks at Steninger Track afforded locals an opportunity to make great strides toward improving their personal health.

Known as Walk with Ease, the program’s coordinators included Lake County Public Health, the Lake County OSU Extension Service and Lake Health District.

The classes were held three times a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and included health-related discussion as well as a self-paced group walk around the track.

Offered at no cost to its participants, the program afforded a peer-based opportunity to improve one’s personal health in a safe and comfortable setting as well as improve one’s strength and stamina.

Fuhriman noted that she had a general interest in improving her own health, and found the social aspect as a great motivator.

In addition to the Walk with Ease program, Furhiman said she’s also participating in the health district’s Minute Man Challenge, which centers around participants monitoring their progress in weight loss.

Fuhriman said she’d started walking regularly prior to the start of the program back in mid-July.  She found the regimented exercise to be an effective means of weight loss and has sharpened her mental acuity.

Another participant, Donna Gale, said she received a recommendation to “walk, walk, walk” following knee surgery back in April.  Also an active walker by the time the program started, she said she’s logged anywhere between 10 and 20 miles since that time.

Gale also said the daily educational component and stretching sessions were also helpful.

Jamie Davis, Lake County OSU Extension agent, said the program was grant funded by the Oregon State University Extension Service.

A morning walking program is currently in the works to start in mid-September indoors at Lake District Hospital, as well as a ‘Strong Women’ program locally in January.

For more information, call 541-947-6054, or visit http://www.strongwomen.com/strongwomen-programs/program-description.

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