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WCCF awarded fourth year of SHARP certification

Warner Creek Correctional Facility recently achieved the next major milestone in maintaining a safe work environment, achieving the fourth year of certification in the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) Safety Health Achievement Recognition Program.

Officials with OSHA as well as the WCCF facility gathered for a recognition ceremony on Friday, Feb. 8.

The SHARP program is a five-year program that is designed to encourage employers in the effective management of safe workplace practices. The program ultimately also provides recognition for this achievement.

“It takes work to get there, and, secondly, it takes even more work to maintain that (standing),” said SHARP Program Voluntary Protection Program Mgr. Mark Hurliman.

WCCF’s Exec. Asst. Rebecca Hargis noted that the state’s Department of Corrections lost all of its safety manager positions as of July 1, 2012 due to budgetary cuts.

“The safety committee, management team and all the staff at WCCF made the commitment to continue on in the SHARP process and take on the added workload despite the loss of leadership,” she said.

The acquisition of its fourth-year SHARP certification now complete, WCCF is already working toward attaining the fifth and final year of certification in the program, Hargis said.

WCCF staffers Nonie Schulze and Dave Hammonds were recognized for their efforts related to the program at the facility.

Oregon OSHA’s Occupational Safety Consultant David Heath noted the certification reflects the importance safety plays as a priority for all employees.

“Safety is all about going home at night in the same condition we came to work,” he said. “All that hard work has paid off.”

Heath said WCCF reported no lost time for workplace accidents and safety accidents during the 2012 year, which he noted was an achievement in and of itself.

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