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WCCF PAC announces date for GED Graduation

A date for the annual Warner Creek Correctional Facility/Treasure Valley Community College GED program graduation was announced during the Monday, April 21, meeting of the WCCF Prison Advisory Committee.

Education Coordinator Teresa Durkin announced that the ceremony would be held on Tuesday, June 24, at WCCF.  The event will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. in the cafeteria facility.

Exec. Asst. Rebecca Hargis also provided an update on this year’s WCCF Food Drive, among other items of discussion.

Correctional Rehabilitations Mgr. Trevor Stancliff spoke about audit standards related to the Department of Correction’s zero-tolerance policy on sexual abuse and victimization within its facilities.

Facilities had to sign-off on a policy by May 12 reflecting this policy, Stancliff said.  In an annual report posted to the Bureau of Justice and Statistics web site, allegations related to sexual abuse and victimization rose sharply between 2009 and 2011, but substantiated allegations have not risen.

Stancliff said this reflects success in mechanism designed to address the reporting of such incidents.

Exec. Asst. Rebecca Hargis provided an overview of the annual WCCF Food Drive, which consisted of multiple fundraising activities on site at the prison, and several silent auction items in the local community.

The effort raised the equivalent of some 2,400 pounds of food and $3,397 in cash for the Lake County Food Share program.  Hargis noted that $900 was also donated to the Paisley/Summer Lake Food Share program.

WCCF Chaplain Ken Ball noted provided an overview of the ‘Home for Good’ program.  This faith-based program helps those released from incarceration with vital connections to ensure successful reintegration outside of prison, he said. These connections include ensuring nearby family, securing a job and assisting with church connections where allowed.

Ensuring the availability of adult and family services, along with mental health, soup kitchens and more are all elements of this volunteer-based organization, he said.

The next WCCF PAC meeting will be held on Monday, July 21, at noon.

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