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WCCF updates county on emergency bed installations

Warner Creek Correctional Facility Supt. Steve Brown recently updated the Lake County Board of Commissioners on the installation of additional emergency beds.

Brown provided the update during the commissioners’ Wednesday, April 17, regular session.

An additional 30 beds were installed as of Friday, April 5, at the WCCF facility, bringing the facility’s total bed number up to 434.  The WCCF is moving toward an eventual capacity of 460 beds, Brown said.

The increase of 30 beds was initially expected in August, but the date got pushed back to meet needs sooner, Brown said.

As discussed at the Oct. 22, 2012, WCCF Prison Advisory Committee meeting, the beds are made by Oregon Correctional Enterprises.  WCCF is the last facility in the state to bring in emergency beds that resulted from the lifting of Measure 57, approved by voters in 2008 to increase the minimum sentencing for those convicted of certain drug and property related crimes under specific circumstances.

The measure was placed on hold in February 2010 due to ongoing economic woes at the state level.

Brown told the commissioners that the emergency beds have been installed with no additional staffing, and the state DOC recognizes that it cannot be a long-term solution.

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