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Weed management grant opportunity brought before county

Weed management grant opportunity brought before county

A grant opportunity that would help fund weed treatment on properties within the Town and County was discussed by the County during their March 19 meeting.

The grant, through the Oregon State Weed Board grant program, was brought before the County by Grace Haskins, former coordinator for the Lake County Cooperative Weed Management Area and Lake County OSU Extension Agent Pete Schreder.

The dollar figure associated with the grant was $22,550.

Schreder said that the grant could be an opportunity with which to leverage other funds for weed management activities in the county.

Haskins said they brought the grant before the County for the purpose of potentially creating a position with which to oversee these activities.

Commissioner Ken Kestner said that a job description would need to be developed, and the County’s business manager would need to bring forth options on this end. He also recommended pursuit of the grant, noting a favorable situation in either case, whether a position can be established or whether the funds are utilized as seen fit and as needed for weed control activities.

In a later interview, Commissioner Dan Shoun noted that the county has weed ordinances in place, of which the charge of enforcement falls upon the county government.

While a weed advisory board was recently resurrected, the enforcement of these ordinances falls solely upon the county commissioners, he said.

The grant pursuit was the effort of the LCCWMA, Extension Office and weed advisory board.

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