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When is Enough, Enough!

I have been coming to this town all my life. My grandparents and parents were business owners of this town.

I have never been so disappointed and mad as I now am and I can honestly say without a doubt I am ashamed to know this place.

When I see the amount of pets allowed running around and hurting other pets I am appalled. Not long ago I got woken up very early to see my pet cat being mauled on my porch by a dog and having to die a horrible death. To my amazement I find that this dog has attacked other pets, jumped in yards to get them and has been allowed to do this the past year.

In talking with a volunteer of the Oregon Outback Humane Society about this, I was told she was willing to trap the dog. For whatever reason neither the town nor the county would get her the trap or find time to cooperate to get this dog off the streets.

What will it take, a child trying to save its pet or just playing in the yard and in turn get attacked by this dog or one of the many allowed to roam? When did the Town Officials get so complacent in their jobs that they are willing to let this continue?

It is not the animal’s fault it has turned to this. I am a FIRM believer that we as pet owners are responsible to know where our pets are at all times, they look to us for security, care and love.

Although this dog mauled and killed my pet I cannot help feel sorry for it, because as sure as I am the sun rises and sets, the dog will die a horrible death if not dealt with properly. So this goes back to why, we as people can get so complacent in our lives that we ignore what’s in front of us. I keep hearing “This Is Lakeview”.

What is this, an excuse? I wonder.

 Sue Brain



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