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Wood Burning Stoves

Yes we have a problem, but not only with wood burning stoves. Lakeview has always had a bad air problem, due to where it is setting next to the mountains and causes a dense air mass to settle over it, plus not enough wind to blow it away. There are many more things that also cause it. Any type of heat, (except electric) oil, diesel, trucks, cars, restaurant fumes from cooking, blowing alkali dust from the south and smoke blowing into the valley that settles over Lakeview. This has been happening for the 63+ years that I have been here and it’s not going to change as of now, this happened before the DEQ and EPA were ever thought of.

You could do away with burning wood stoves and evapotranspiration’s and you are still going to have the same problems due to where Lakeview is located.

 Charles Threet


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