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Your Voice Needs to be Heard

I am so grateful for the mass warmth and gratitude I have received from hundreds of you who stand behind me, as I stand against a tyrannical town government that plays with people’s lives like plastic pawns on a Wal-Mart chess board. I have come to realize that mine is not the voice that needs to be heard. Rather, it is yours, the voice of the good, honest, hard working residents of Lakeview who have been manipulated, neglected, and mistreated that must be heard. From what I have been hearing, many of you have given up. You feel like there is no recourse or hope.

There is hope, but we must stand together. We must question motive, productivity, budgets, and unnecessary or corrupted positions that take power away from the people of Lakeview and put it in the hands of politicians. This must be done before we as a town are nothing more than a twisted reflection of the corruption found in our federal government.

This week, I ask this question: how long? How long will the town administration drive by the fire station and ignore the “Fire Fighters Wanted” sign, disregarding the fact that decorated captains and lieutenants with 20 plus years of experience are leaving because of the mismanagement, mistreatment, and abuse handed down by those in management? How long before they deal with the fact that the very safety of our town is in jeopardy due to the (alleged) neglect and gross backhanded activity of the fire chief and those who allow him to run unchecked with our dollars and our lives? How long before our leaders are held accountable?

How long?

Rev. Kirk R Quinlivan II


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