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Zoetis animal products offer funds for FFA

Jessie Ferry, co-owner of Lakeview Animal Hospital, signed up for a program with animal health medicine provider Zoetis, Inc. to donate money to Future Farmers of America (FFA) raised by sales of Zoetis products.  Though only certain products qualify, which Ferry said are mostly for cattle and large animals, one percent of the sales each year go to a local FFA chapter.

Zoetis, which was previously associated with Pfizer, allows the Animal Hospital to decide which FFA chapter around Lake County in which to donate the money.  The funds raised are returned to the Hospital in the form of a check each summer, which Ferry estimated as averaging at $400 to $500.  The latest check was donated to Ashley Reese, representing the Lakeview FFA chapter.

“We signed up the first year it came around,” said Ferry. “Five or six years ago Pfizer came up with the program, and we signed up to be involved with the FFA.”  She also noted that it was only February of this year that the product line was bought by a different company, becoming Zoetis.

Checks have been split between Paisley, North Lake, and most recently the Lakeview FFA chapters, and since the checks come in the summer, Ferry has had a hard time getting it to the FFA members. A thank-you letter received by the Hospital from Rob Kelly, vice president of the US Cattle and Equine Business Unit and Glenn Sims, regional director of the National FFA Foundation, estimated total funds raised by Zoetis at more than $1.1 million.

For more information about the funds and their Zoetis line of products, visit the Lakeview Animal Hospital at 18644 Roberta Rd., or call them at 541-947-3383.

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